Restoring the house front, a progress report in pictures

I am anti-vinyl-siding, I’ll put it right out there. I follow this old house guy almost religiously and his arguments back up my own argument that fake siding is just plain ugly. I’ve always planned to someday have the siding removed at least from the front of my house, but some blackbirds encouraged me to get a move on the project when they set up house behind the loose siding on the rim of my crooked porch roof.

Once the young ones had flown, I began to tear down the parts I could reach. Underneath was a LOT of rotten wood! The siding had obviously not been installed to just make the house maintenance-free, but to hide the rot. A few months later I talked to a man who was touching up the paint on my neighbor’s house across the street and he agreed to do the job of tearing down the rest of the siding and repairing and painting the edge of my porch roof.

Here’s the house shortly after I bought it in summer 2017. On the left, you can see the siding on the edge of the roof is loose.
Here, most of the vinyl and aluminum has been removed.
The top edge of molding is now free!
The entire front beams had to be replaced and were replaced very competently.
The moldings were cleaned and put back where they’d been and here we have a coat of primer. Note that it’s all much straighter now!
And here is the color I chose for the trim.

It still looks a bit odd, I know.

Behind the siding on the upper gable I should discover a neo-Tudor facade. I’ve wandered around taking pictures of similar houses in the neighborhood, but decided that if that IS what we find, I won’t go with brown or black beams, but my deep blue.

Here’s an idea of what I want it to look like when it’s finished:


What do you think?

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