Part 3 of the new bathroom vanity and future plans

My countertop arrived shortly before Christmas so here are some photos.

2018-12-19 13.59.44
Here’s the maestro installing it. The laminate is Wilsonart’s “Betty”.
2018-12-19 14.25.55-1
The hole was too small, so I had to call them back so make the Hudee ring fit. To their credit, they came out the next day.
Ready for use!
And we got the drawer fronts and cabinet door almost perfectly straight, too.

Now, the little mosaic-like blue “tiles” are actually stickers that look like tiles. And it all doesn’t really match, I know. Here’s the plan:

2017-12-19 11.12.24
This is the Crane bathtub I bought along with the sinks…waiting in my garage. It’s deep, it’s got a perfectly sloped back so that you can actually lean back and have a soak (unlike my current tub).
2017-12-16 15.09.06
I also was given these!!

I’m putting aside a small amount of money every week (automatically transferring a small weekly sum from checking to savings is painless and effective, at least in my case).

When I have a few thou saved, I’ll reach out to a few contractors for estimates. I then want to enlarge my bathroom by moving one wall two feet. These two feet will come from my office, the room next door, which I can make smaller.

Then I’ll ask them to tear out all the old tile and the floor down to the sub-floor to ensure that the beams underneath are in good shape to hold the new tub, which weighs 400 pounds.

The borrowed two feet will give me enough space to put a bathroom closet next to the tub and move the toilet behind the door.

These will be the floor and trim tiles:

2019-01-05 11.46.322019-01-05 11.46.45

I like the way the circles suit the round sink and round mirror. I got a sample and the blue matches everything perfectly! I’ll tile the walls with simple 4×4 inch white and make a border with a few rows of the dots as well.

In the meantime, I’ll do what I can myself!

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