What do you do when you can’t afford a new bathroom? Part 1

Step #1: Make a plan

Step #2: Save your pennies

Step #3: Improvise in the meantime

2017-04-22 23.39.19
This is the bathroom that came with the house. Ugly, creepy, cheap, unimaginative.
2017-05-27 07.04.42
Everything FUNCTIONS, but why have a bathtub if lying in it for a bath is torture? It’s shallow and has a straight back, so you can’t lean back without pain!

2017-05-27 07.04.58

2017-05-27 07.05.22
An ugly cheap light over a plastic medicine cabinet.
2017-06-02 12.22.43
I was at least going to have my favorite bathroom color — BLUE — in there somehow.
One fine day, I stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist. A couple were tearing out their old bathroom, which was the original bathroom installed in their home built in 1960, the year of my birth. I bought these two sinks…(without the counter)
2017-12-16 15.09.06
Their fittings…
2017-12-19 11.12.24
And this deep, slope-backed, 1960 Crane blue bathtub. It weighs 400 pounds and I had to hire four moving men to go fetch it, bring it home and lug it into my garage, where it still stands.
2017-12-20 09.48.46
While I lived with this, which is perfectly usable, of course. My Step #1 was working in my mind, though. I will one day find a skilled firm or individual to tear out everything from the bathroom and put in new tile and my old tub and one sink (both would never fit) and, best case, also move one wall back a foot or so to enlarge the room.
2017-12-20 09.49.01
Previous dwellers liked GRAY.
2017-12-20 09.49.30
Ugly cracked sink!
2017-12-20 09.49.40
Cheap ugly vanity that had gotten wet apparently…
2017-12-20 09.49.45
Leading to this!

One day, I got pretty sick of it all and, realizing I was going to have two visits by two friends later in the year, I hatched one of my improvisations. First, I bought some (I admit silly) tile-look stickers to put over the odd blackish-gray trim tile. Second, I bought some paint and painted the walls!

2018-09-09 14.53.18
Light blue walls, blue mosaic fake tile trim.
2018-09-11 10.45.27
I think it looks a whole lot nicer.
2018-09-11 10.45.58
I’d long gotten the retro lamp and also installed a round mirror over the sink.
2018-09-11 10.46.08
And here’s some more storage space behind the door and over the loo.
2018-09-11 10.46.34
And I painted the door WHITE, of course.

I felt a whole lot better about having friends stay.

But not good enough. I’d saved a little and also got a refund from my escrow account. I wanted a new vanity for my round, blue sink! Before Thanksgiving! That’s the next part.

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