Dining room (almost) finished!

It’s been awhile. And it was a lot of work! But the dining room is almost as I wanted it to be. I still want to put some vintage wallpaper up in the alcove that now houses my little electric piano, but who knows when I’ll get to that?

2018-08-13 08.32.09
Luckily, I have a painter in the family, but he lives very far away. He decided to drop in, though, and I let him go to work! Here, we’re deciding which hue for the dining room walls.
2018-08-13 11.15.48
And here, he’s helping me remove the casings from around the window.

2018-08-13 12.51.23

2018-08-13 13.33.24
Ready to start painting, while I continued stripping the paint off the trim in the garage.
2018-09-04 11.07.20
Paint stripped, wood filler slapped on.
2018-09-04 11.21.42
Smoothed and sanded.
2018-09-04 14.22.05
Stained and lacquered.
2018-09-06 16.18.08
Since I knew how hard it was to try and strip paint from the un-removable parts, I eventually decided on brown paint instead for the inside of this doorway and for the baseboards. It took a good while to find a brown that would blend in, but in the end, although noticeable, it isn’t strikingly odd or different.
2018-09-06 17.36.57
Archway to living room DONE!
2018-09-09 00.20.53
Now the daunting task of the two doors. This one leads to the basement. I couldn’t carry it down to the garage, so carried it onto the porch.
2018-09-11 15.13.56
And began work.
2018-09-24 18.01.39
This is the closet door. I was even lazier and decided to strip it in the dining room. Things didn’t go so well, whether because the new batch of Citristrip I bought had a completely different color and consistency, or the wood is just a different wood. If I’d known, I would’ve gotten conditioner!
2018-09-25 10.58.57
In the end it turned out alright.
2018-10-27 13.17.37
Though a tad too dark.
2018-10-27 13.18.11
And here’s the basement door installed and I’ve finally, after weeks, nay months, of procrastination painted the baseboards.
2018-10-27 13.18.38
2018-10-27 13.19.11
And there are the kitchen doorway and dining room window! My neighbor across the street has the actual original kitchen door stored in her basement. It’s a swinging door with panes of glass in it where the mirrors on the other doors are. She said I can have it and someday, I will go and get it.

I’ve decided NOT to do the same thing to all the trim and not even the mantle in the living room because I just can’t bear the thought of all the work. It will all stay white…at least for now.


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