Porch update!

It’s even more inviting now!

I painted the wall that I’d hung a shower curtain on to hide, yes, I did!

If you’ve been reading, you might recall that the porch looked like the photo below last year when I bought this old crooked house.


Today, it looks like this:

2018-07-19 09.28.37

Here’s what I did to the wall: It was covered in deep gashes. I think someone had planned to add another layer of plaster to it and the gashes were made to help it “stick.” The height below the porch railing was covered in a deep swirly pattern (or just thrown on) of stucco or plaster.

I thought about putting up paneling, but decided since the wall doesn’t legally belong to me, I shouldn’t do anything my silent neighbor might not like. Plus: that would have been a lot of work!

In the end I simply got a gallon of spackling and did my best to fill in the gashes and smooth the wall. The result looks rather rustic to put it lightly, but I can live with it.

2018-07-12 12.55.29

Above: I’ve begun. Below: I’ve run out of my gallon of spackling!2018-07-12 13.32.13

This is what I used. It’s not supposed to be used as a skim coat, but in my definition, I was just filling holes.2018-07-12 13.32.26

Since I had bought paint and needed to see what it would be like on the wall in case I wanted to change my mind, I went ahead and painted…2018-07-12 16.10.29

And I started painting around the one window.2018-07-12 16.10.34

And a little by the door.2018-07-18 18.13.35

A week later, after it cooled off and I had enough on my list to make a run to the store by BUS worthwhile, I finished. Yesterday!2018-07-18 18.17.12

I certain lights, it looks a bit too yellow for me, but on a cloudy day, I love it.2018-07-19 09.33.52

Then, I got a little crazy, ran down to the basement and found my old can of Merry Teal and garnished the storm door:2018-07-19 10.38.22

Too much?

That’s that. I really ought to work on the railing. I’ve had all the supplies and paint for that waiting for months, but it’s not a job I’m going to enjoy, so I keep putting it off.

I found a good source of more of Jacob Zook’s beautiful hex signs and will add some more to my wall when they arrive. I have one smallish one and ordered three more plus some plate hangers to hang them with. Then my “Wilkum” won’t be so alone up there. And they’ll make me think of my grandma every day: she loved hex signs so.

Also: the siding will one day be removed from around the porch eaves and the porch ceiling and I will paint the ceiling bird’s egg blue (it’s a traditional thing) and the eaves around the porch will also be beautified (if they’re not disastrous) with my porch wall paint, which is called “Jasper Cane.”

Coffee’s ready! Come have a cup on my porch! It’s a beautiful day in Philadelphia!

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