I always wanted to be an archaeologist…

…and restoring an old house feels a lot like archaeology, doesn’t it?

Today’s case begins with my neighbor giving me the old doors that were removed when she renovated. One of them had a lovely old doorknob and I decided it must be original to the house rather than those glass knobs you can get at every home improvement store.

When I removed my glass knobs, I decided to remove the plate on the visible side as well and try and “clean it up.” It was sort of icky inside.2018-07-07 17.51.41

Who paints over these? I mean, yeah, you paint over it because it’s been painted over before, I get that. Who was the first painter-over? I don’t like him!2018-07-07 17.51.50

A very non-scientific and unprofessional me just goes at it with a scraper and steel wool. Don’t judge me! Well, go ahead, judge me! I knew there were better ways. I confess: I am impatient as heck.2018-07-07 17.53.05

Looks silver-ish in this picture below, but it is brass. 2018-07-07 18.08.28

The marble knob had ALSO been painted over! Luckily, that paint came off easily. But what’s this? A keyhole? Oh…..okay.2018-07-07 18.29.41

The paint peeled right off in one piece.2018-07-07 18.50.56

Today’s work is done.2018-07-07 18.55.34

But as it always is, one job leads to the next. Now I’m going to HAVE to get down to the very first coat of paint on these doors (there are two…doors, I mean…probably seven coats of paint). And clean and polish the lovely old hinges. AND find another marble doorknob to match this one for the second door. Oh, dear. All in good time. I’m not THAT impatient. I have too many other things to do!

One of those things is to sit and wonder who lived in this house before me. I’d love to know their histories.


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