Kitchen Transformation Part 2

You saw the raw wood and how it looked after I got up the courage to use a router. Next step was the finish, which I decided would be lacquer (not polyurethane). A slow process, but at least no sanding between coats.

2018-04-02 10.08.55

Here (above) are two of the little doors and below are all four almost dry. Pretty, huh?2018-04-03 09.52.55

And easy to put up!2018-04-03 20.18.38

At first I had them too close together (or the hinges sort of ‘pulled’ them together), but then I figured out the problem and they were just right.2018-04-03 21.55.42

The lower doors are the originals and below is their inner side being painted with the Cabinet Transformations bond coat. It goes on shiny then dulls, but later there’s a top coat that gives them luster.2018-04-04 22.15.44

My craziest idea was to use wood filler to fill in whatever it is you call the routed inner edges. Why? Because I love single slab doors and their simple, mid-century look. It took ages to dry and I needed lots and lots of wood filler. It was really hard to get smooth. Of course, ideally it would be perfectly smooth, but not with ME in charge.2018-04-05 06.57.20

Oh, and in the meantime I had lacquered and hung up the large upper doors. Yes, I know: the wood grain goes horizontal on them instead of vertical. Didn’t you know that’s a “thing”? It is NOW! 2018-04-05 09.01.082018-04-05 09.01.322018-04-05 12.06.39

Here are the lower doors with wet paint on them…2018-04-05 21.41.21

And here they are installed (and slightly ajar for the first 24 hours).2018-04-06 11.17.112018-04-06 11.17.28


Here, in case you forgot, befores and afters:




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