She can!

I did it! There were doubtful moments, but it looks darn good!

Yesterday, I started by staining my three 5-foot-long poplar boards with Watco Danish Oil Finish in medium walnut.**

Today, I ventured back down into the garage for the next step: drilling six 1/2-inch holes in my boards. I began by clamping the three boards together on top of one another.

2018-02-22 09.26.17

The holes would have to be one-half inch, but I decided to start with a smaller drill bit just in case.

2018-02-22 09.26.23

Then I used the big one and it sure wasn’t easy.

2018-02-22 09.41.092018-02-22 09.41.16

Now what’s this? A threaded rod? What’s that for, I wonder?

2018-02-22 09.41.19

I carried the boards upstairs to continue, knowing if I built the stand in the basement, I’d never be able to lug it upstairs. Hm, more of those metal rods?

2018-02-22 09.47.59

Now do you get the idea?

2018-02-22 09.55.13

I began fastening the rods using “create-a-bolt nuts, washers and lock washers.”

2018-02-22 10.21.47

I’d bought two packs with the number 18 on them. That’s 36, right? WRONG! Look more closely next time, Faith, and maybe take a calculator along.

2018-02-22 10.22.02

Damn! What now? Wisely, I checked the website of the nearby store where I’d purchased these babies and found they had one box in stock. I used my calculator and my brain and knew I’d need four. They were in stock six miles away. Ordered, paid for online, waited for a text that they’re ready… Didn’t take long. I reserved a zipcar, walked 16 minutes to a parking lot on Germantown Avenue to get it and drove on down. The excursion took exactly two hours out of my day.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

2018-02-22 15.42.55

The nuts had to be finely adjusted to make the boards nice and even, but it wasn’t a problem. I then turned the thing over and attached six casters to the bottom.

2018-02-22 16.20.08

Here’s a closer look at the washers, lock washers and nuts holding it all together from below and above.

2018-02-22 16.20.272018-02-22 16.22.43


2018-02-22 17.42.06

Odd how the color of the wood looks much lighter here. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow in the daylight. But I will live with it no matter what color it is.

** I was reading about WOOD today (07/17/18) and learned that poplar won’t take a dark color stain except maybe cherry.

It doesn’t wobble either! And it’s really just luck that my videotapes and DVDs all fit exactly on the shelves.

It does look nicer than the one made of file boxes, doesn’t it?

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