But can she build furniture?

As I write, three boards are drying in the garage. I need a TV stand to replace this one:

2018-01-24 10.57.20

I put this together from a cherry-look board and two file boxes purchased a while back for about $12 total at the home improvement store. The sound bar blocks the remote sensor on the TV, there’s no space for my VCR (yes, I have one and use it!) and it’s very hard to clean under.

I shopped around a lot for something suitable, but whatever I like I can’t afford. I’m still kicking myself for being too shy to ask some guys who were carrying a long, low, old cabinet out of a house onto a truck about whether they might want to sell it to me.

Then the cogs in my skull began to turn. But I won’t describe my plan; I’ll just show you as I go along…

On Monday, I went back to the home improvement store and picked up three solid poplar boards, which I had the man at the saw cut to five feet each.

2018-02-19 12.29.46

Last night, I set up two sawhorses, three two-by-fours and two boards in the garage. I drove four screws into each of the boards so the points are facing upwards, quite hazardously. I can lay the poplar boards on them though, and the edges won’t touch anything, making it easier to stain the wood.2018-02-20 14.03.13

I sanded them last night (above).

And just now began putting on the stain, which is a special kind (I’ll add the brand later) that claims to both penetrate and seal the wood, so I won’t need to add a clear top coat.2018-02-21 10.47.48

My timer is set for 30 minutes for the second side, first coat. We have 12 minutes left before I can apply the final coat. Then I will wait 8 hours or until tomorrow, depending on my other plans for the day, to BUILD A TV STAND.

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