How does my garden grow? Part 2

On August 30, the front yard looked like this.

2017-08-30 07.13.15

My chief aim was to not have a lawn or something passing as such, but to plant ground cover and shrubs. I’d seen beautiful photos of various colorful carpets of plants interspersed with rocks (I like rocks) while researching the web for my project. I wanted some sort of low hedge to run along both the front of the house (perhaps I will put my recycling bins behind it one day) and along (to hide) the chain-link fence of my neighbor.

So I reserved a Zipcar and headed to a nearby garden center…2017-08-31 11.25.23

Here’s the cart full of perennials ⇑ that would add some layers to my planting.2017-08-31 11.25.38

And after some consultation and discussion, I bought three Ninebark shrubs, which, if I have the variety right, are a native species that eventually reach 6 to 8 feet in height. These would go in front of the porch along the new pavement.

2017-08-31 11.25.46

And to one day hide the unsightly chain-link fence, I bought three ‘Densa’ Inkberry Holly shrubs. ⇑ I read:

“We love Ilex glabra ‘Densa’ for its lustrous, dark green foliage that creates a dense display all year round. White flowers bloom from early spring into summer followed by tiny, rounded jet-black fruits in fall through spring, often enjoyed by wildlife.”

I brought it all home and started digging. (I had planted plenty of shrubs and trees before in that huge back yard I once had, so I knew how.) 2017-08-31 15.14.00


2017-09-01 13.09.15

I used some of the old paving bricks to make little stepping stones since I didn’t have any perfect, flat rocks.This photo was taken on September 1.

I actually spent a few days digging out the old grass. It’s not an easy task. A big shout-out to my next-door neighbor who once arrived home to see me struggling and just grabbed the spade and finished the job for me as if the ground were made of butter. ♥

Along the front edge towards the sidewalk, I planted two creepy — erm, creeping — ladies named Myrtle and Jenny. I was assured by the garden center folks and everyone on the Internet that I may regret the Creeping Jenny someday. But I want that ground covered and soon!

2017-09-01 13.09.29

By September 9, I had found a big, fat purple Aster at the grocery store and had to add it. ⇓

2017-09-09 10.06.46

Although, by the 28th it had lost its blooms and I cut it back. ⇓

2017-09-28 14.22.56

By November 6, my babies were growing and spreading and looking like this! My other, very thoughtful neighbor (one day there will be a post about neighbors) also brought me a bin full of free rocks from a yard sale. ⇓2017-11-06 15.17.09

I also put in lots and lots and LOTS of bulbs for spring; all my favorites: snowdrops, grape hyacinths and daffodils and just a few crocuses.

2017-11-17 15.52.48

While I was examining and weeding around the Creeping Jenny, I saw this little patch of clover-like leaves ⇑ and decided to keep it. You creep, I keep!

It’s now January 31, it snowed again and I can hardly contain my anticipation of spring. This li’l patch of earth is just big enough for me to work in, shouldn’t need too much care and I expect will bring me plenty of contentment. It is good to get your hands dirty now and then. And just be able to sit back and watch your garden grow.

2018-01-31 11.45.16

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