How to replace your basket strainer

This is about the easiest thing you can do yourself under the kitchen sink, but I did need a strong man’s hand (damn! I hate that! I want to be independent!) to screw it on tight.

2017-11-03 19.49.23
First you look it up online on those handyPERSON websites.
2017-11-04 09.25.58
Then you go to your nearby hardware or 99 cent store and get these items. The strainer wrench (to the right of the putty) is really helpful, you’ll need some other sort of adjustable wrench and don’t forget the ten cent Twizzlers!
2017-11-04 09.38.18
You remove the old strainer by unscrewing it from underneath the sink (this picture is showing the sink from above).
2017-11-04 09.38.26
It’ll look like this.
2017-11-04 09.40.25
Put putty around the edge in the sink.
2017-11-04 10.05.29
Attach the new strainer and screw that ring on real tight. This is where the strainer wrench helps, because it holds the strainer from above. You do need two hands for this.
2017-11-04 10.05.37
Easy as changing a basket strainer!

You’re welcome.

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