Opening the front door

One of the first things I noticed and knew I would have to do something about was the front door. I mean how inviting is this?


I know. Right?

Crookedness aside, why gray? And why were the sidelights covered like that? Had the movement of the wall broken them? And, oh, come on! Gray around the window, too? Had too much paint left, huh?

I drew a picture of how I wanted the front of the house to look and did some pricing of new front doors and storm doors.

2017-04-21 21.44.13

And every day I spent in my new old house, I’d stare at that front door from the inside and out.

2017-05-26 18.14.21
It could be so much brighter.
2017-06-02 10.36.22
Please, no!
2017-07-10 13.14.59-1
How did they get that wood on there? Who could I get to help me remove it?
2017-07-10 13.16.09-1
Actually, the front door isn’t soooo bad. At least it’s been cut to fit the crooked opening. It’s real wood.
What the hell is UNDER THERE?

I had a set of screwdrivers, a hammer and a very small crowbar (so small, I think it’s name isn’t crowbar). And one late night I went at it. I wedged my biggest flat screwdriver between the molding and the panels that that horrid person had attached and banged on it.

I mean, I figure they covered the sidelights because it was a rental for many years, maybe they were afraid they would be broken into, maybe there was a draft.

The next night, I made some more feeble attempts. I was able to pull off the little strips of wood around the panels. Mind you, they were nailed on tight! And painted over multiple times. It was really not easy and I made lots of dents in the original molding.

Well, I won’t bore you with more descriptions — you catch my drift — but it took a few days! I’m not very strong!

Aha! Aha! I see you under there!
Et VOILA! A sidelight! In perfect, pristine condition!
2017-07-31 23.33.03
And another one!

You see how I tore off the paint. And how each pane was covered in dark plastic, perhaps to keep them from breakage.

In the daytime, when I was saner, I was working on painting the front door from the outside and also painting that horrid, forbidding, black old security door. I used Sherwin-Williams Ovation exterior, semi-gloss paint + primer in “Merry Teal” (how couldn’t I with a name like that?) on the main door and my now-favorite Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra-Cover Premium Latex paint in semi-gloss white for the storm door, the windows, the window frames and every other white surface in my house so far (except the radiators).

2017-07-29 12.16.55
I couldn’t possibly lift the door from the hinges and do a proper job on a flat surface. So I painted it in situ.
2017-07-29 13.56.44
Not bad for the first coat.
2017-07-29 18.04.57
It didn’t go on as smoothly as I wanted.
2017-07-30 08.47.22
I hoped to find a new lock for the storm door, but have yet to find them in this configuration, so have had to leave it.
2017-07-30 15.10.55
Now, isn’t this better?
2017-08-01 15.27.08
All that light!

Now we come to the outside. There, the sidelights were covered with a sheet metal. That took quite a bit of doing, working early in the morning before it got too hot (July), getting some new tools and hitting myself in the face with the big crowbar. But I did it. And painted some more.

2017-08-02 09.27.40

2017-08-02 09.27.48
Those boards were what I had taken off the inside.
2017-08-02 09.27.54
There was lots of caulking to be done. Lots and lots. I learn fast.
2017-08-02 17.30.26
I did clean up the paint on the panes later.

2017-08-02 17.30.372017-08-02 17.31.03

2017-08-03 14.55.52
And got sheers for the sidelights!

I also bought a plane (not an airplane) and learned how to use it because the door was sticking.

2017-08-03 19.47.54
A little bit…
2017-08-03 19.48.02
…a lot more…
2017-08-03 20.07.19
…took off that much door!

And now, friends, I present you with the entrance to my home:

2017-08-05 15.57.212017-08-05 15.58.00


Come on by and set a spell!

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