How it started…

The story begins on April 11, 2017. After nearly six months of searching and traveling back and forth from NYC to Philly, my real estate agent, let’s call him Eric, called me (that’s unusual) to tell me about the house. “Exactly what you’re looking for…” he said. But: it’s crooked.

What Eric liked about it, as I recall, were the floors, the street and the neighbors. It was “just” a straight-through row house (in Philadelphia, there are straight-throughs, narrow houses with usually three rooms behind one another, and airlites, which are wider, with the dining room and kitchen side-by-side), but bright. The price was also not to be beat at only $98,000!

By April 14, I decided I was buying the house. “Things just fell together and I had a good-hair day,” I wrote in my journal. The closing was scheduled for May 26.

But, you’ll say, what did you mention a little earlier? It’s crooked? More in the next post!


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